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Tim Gunn: fashion consultant, television personality, actor, and mediator?

One of my favourite “reality” TV shows – in fact one of the few I watch – is Project Runway. Filmed in New York, the show pits aspiring designers against each other with seemingly impossible sewing challenges, with each episode culminating in a runway show and elimination. Like many such shows, the contestants are housed […]

Mediation fails Rinehart family; or does it?

After 2 years in the NSW Supreme Court, and less than 2 weeks prior to the trial, the dispute over the Hope Margaret Hancock family trust was (finally) referred to mediation by order of Justice Patricia Bergin. The trial, which had been scheduled to commence on 1 October was pushed back to 8 October, with an estimate of […]

Bill Eddy on Managing High-Conflict Behaviours

Renowned author, attorney, and mediator Bill Eddy visited Melbourne as the guest of the Australian Centre for Justice Innovation (ACJI). Bill  has spent much of the past year learning about the brain, and in particular, the functions of the left and right hemispheres. Drawing on this research he concludes that the left hemisphere is responsible for […]